Our mission is to  enhance your communications, branding and PR to help achieve your goals. Our hope is that through our efforts in helping you tell your story, we can promote awareness and inspire action in the welfare of pets and their permanent placement into forever homes.


We Empower Organizations to Tell Their Stories


We are an Animal Resources & Consulting Firm - or ARC for short. 

We provide animal welfare organizations communications & engagement solutions through web & social platforms. Developed from our passion for saving animals, we are a go-to for non-profits. Our mission is to enhance your communications, branding & PR to help achieve your goals. Our hope is that through our efforts in helping you tell your story, we can promote awareness & inspire action in the welfare of pets & their permanent placement into forever homes.

We Empower Organizations & Help Tell Their Stories

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We are here to help you tell your story & share it with the right audience. Here are our goals when you become a client.
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We work to be a part of your mission & understanding who you are so we can help share your advocacy for the animals you save with the world.

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Once we understand who you are, your mission, your goals, we will  help convey those values by offering any improvements to the "look" of your brand so you can make a perfect impression online to your visitors.

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We are professional marketing strategists with a focus on animal welfare. We understand your audience & we know how to attract them.

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We love to help non-profits in the animal welfare industry because we are passionate about saving lives. We want to do everything we can by offering our skill sets and if possible, give back to the organizations who make an impact.

Not Your Typical Agency

Our intention is to develop long term relationships with our clients that make a lasting & meaningful impact. We love our clients & the animals they care for!


Meet Lauren
Co-Founder & Director of The ARC Program, Lauren McCall is passionate about saving animals! In 2015, she fell in love with marketing & working with her local animal shelter. She had tremendous success in volunteering by running social media campaigns that saw every pet adopted! Two rescue dogs later, Lauren was fortunate to meet her partner and Co-Founder, so they could pursue their agency & provide digital marketing & design services to non-profits. 

Lauren now serves multiple shelters, rescues, and animal welfare organizations. She is our Director of Consulting, Social Media expert, & Copywriting Queen! Her favorite thing about running ARC is meeting the diverse groups of rescuers & their incredible animals. 

Her rescue dog pictured is Hanalei, adopted in 2017 from The Humane Society of North Texas. Lauren takes Hanalei everywhere with her. Their favorite activities are getting puppuccinos & shopping together!
Meet Heath
Founder & CEO of our parent company, HG Design+, Heath Gagne is the designer who does it all! From Architectural Design, Web Design, & Graphic Design, HG Design+ provides a wide variety of digital design & marketing services. Heath has run his business for over 12 years & has experience in working with non-profits & for-profit businesses to achieve their goals. He shares a passion for saving animals of all sizes with his Co-Founder, Lauren. 

Heath is thrilled to be a part of the infrastructure that makes saving lives happen by being an integral contributor to non-profits. He regularly discounts & donates his services to his favorite rescues.

Heath is pictured with his shelter dog turned working service dog, Max. Max serves Heath for his disabilities & PTSD from the Marine Corps.
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Visiting with our non-profit partners & meeting their animals is essential to getting to know our clients. We are thankful to have the opportunities to meet incredible animals who show us how to love. Rescues, shelters, animal hospitals, ranches, & sanctuaries have hosted us all over the country, giving us a first hand look into their world & the importance of the work they do. 

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